Swimming scholarships in the U.S.
We encourage your dreams – live the experience of competing in the university league and be the best version of yourself.

We believe in you! Do you?


Why apply for a swimming scholarship in the U.S.?

Train and compete like a professional player and obtain your college degree at the same time.

The United States is the world leader in swimming competitions. Many swimmers from Europe and other parts of the world decide to start college and to continue competing thanks to the U.S. swimming scholarships. In many countries this is not even an option, because the educational systems basically force the athletes to choose between their academic studies or high-performance trainings, since both can be very demanding.


How to get a scholarship to make it into the swimming team of a U.S. university?

It’s up to you! Either be the spectator or become the leading role of your own story. What do you prefer?

Being a swimmer in the U.S. will allow you to live an experience that will grant you great opportunities in the future. Both universities and trainers are always looking for the best students in their teams in order to win the competitions. That’s why it’s really important that your transcript and your sport level is as good as possible. That’s the key to having access to all opportunities you wish for.

Yes, it is scary. But it is also terrible to let an opportunity go by, right? We will be by your side!

It’s very important to initiate the process well in advance, since many major universities start their recruitment process sometimes even 2-3 years earlier. We need to assess your profile, conduct a study of the universities and the sports division in which you will compete to avoid jeopardizing your eligibility. There are many different divisions and the swimming level in the U.S. can be very competitive, but there is always room for adjustment to every level. Let’s find your perfect match!


What requirements do I need to get a swimming scholarship in the U.S.?


Sport level

The higher your sport level, the greater your chances to get a scholarship. You will receive more offers from trainers and you will have better chances to get into prestigious universities.



Average score of High School Diploma, and SAT or ACT exam scores – those are the required academic exams to get into a U.S. university.


Level of English

You will need to submit your scores of either the TOEFL or IELTS exam, which are the two official exams to certify your English level in the U.S.

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