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Why apply for a sport scholarship to play in a university league in the U.S.?

Train and compete like a professional player and obtain your college degree at the same time.

The U.S. sport scholarships are the most substantial financial aids in the American educational system. The universities take part in helping their student-athletes to combine studies and sports for an overall excellent performance. They offer high-performance training programs, exceptional trainers and outstanding facilities. In addition, you will have many chances to showcase your sport level. This is where it all begins!


How to apply for a sport scholarship in the U.S.?

It’s up to you! Either be the spectator or become the leading role of your own story. What do you prefer?

The higher your sport level, the greater your chances to get a scholarship, since you will attract the attention of the trainers and get scholarship offers with higher values. Every university belongs to a different league and division. Depending on your performance and category, your scholarship will cover part of the costs or the total value. The universities generate revenues with their sport teams, because of their supporters and presence in the media. Therefore, recruiting top athletes is in their best interest to achieve outstanding results.

Yes, it is scary. But it is also terrible to let an opportunity go by, right? We will be by your side!

The 305 Agency sport scholarship services will allow you to have access to one of the more than 200,000 sport scholarships American universities offer every year. You will lead a lifestyle similar to a professional athlete, and share the experience with other international and American athletes with similar levels and interests.


True stories, unstoppable individuals


Alejandro Ibañez Gallego

NCAA National Tennis Champion 2019 & ITA Singles National Champion 2019 (Barry University, Miami)

Age 23

“So far away? I was too afraid to do it. But today I am thankful each day for taking the decision of stepping forward and studying in the U.S. while still pursuing tennis. It was an unforgettable experience beyond belief.”


Eva Castaño Candela

NJCAA All – American 2015 & 2016, NSCAA All-American 2016 (Iowa Western Community College), Offensive player of the year 2018 for St. Thomas University, Miami

Age 24

“At the beginning it’s a fairly remote idea until one day you decide to do it. You feel unsettled with the idea of moving so far away somewhere totally unknown. Taking decisions is easy, the hard part is to get it right. Now that I am a graduate and living life as it comes, I am bound to say that I got it right. The lived experiences and the acquired skills will enrich my life forever.”

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international students

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universities in the U.S.


1 mil
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Where to get a sport scholarship to compete in a university league in the U.S.?

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