Artistic scholarships
Dancers are the painters of music, the musicians are the writers of life, and life is the inspiration of artists. Bring your art to life!

We believe in you! Do you?


Why apply for an artistic scholarship in the U.S.?

Life is like a painting, and the painting cannot beat the artist. Keep on learning!

It is important to know that you have the possibility to combine scholarships. Full-time students can get up to or even more than $8K a year depending on how the trainers evaluate the official tryouts and the universities the transcripts of the students. In the U.S. you will also obtain financial support if you are part of the university’s music band or if you get a scholarship to do your music studies at a given university.


How to get an artistic scholarship in the U.S.?

Getting started is the key

In this case, the “how” depends on your modality. If it were a scholarship in the field of music, it would usually start with an audition in front of professors from the university. Try to do your best and get a music scholarship in the U.S.! You will have us to help you out! On the other hand, if it were a scholarship to make it into the “dance team” or “cheerleader team”, it would usually start with a normal recruitment process, like in any other sport, in front of the coaches of each team depending on the chosen university.

Artists pursue the beauty, which lies in the pleasure of seeing, hearing and touching. But the beauty lives in the heart of the beholder. Become an architect of the soul!

You will train and compete like a professional. There are many events where artists entertain the crowd. They are an important part of the university atmosphere where competition and art go hand in hand. We at 305 Agency want to boost your potential for you to be the one to encourage other athletes.


True stories, unstoppable individuals


Alejandro Ibañez Gallego

NCAA National Tennis Champion 2019 & ITA Singles National Champion 2019 (Barry University, Miami)

Age 23

“So far away? I was too afraid to do it. But today I am thankful each day for taking the decision of stepping forward and studying in the U.S. while still pursuing tennis. It was an unforgettable experience beyond belief.”


Eva Castaño Candela

NJCAA All – American 2015 & 2016, NSCAA All-American 2016 (Iowa Western Community College), Offensive player of the year 2018 for St. Thomas University, Miami

Age 24

“At the beginning it’s a fairly remote idea until one day you decide to do it. You feel unsettled with the idea of moving so far away somewhere totally unknown. Taking decisions is easy, the hard part is to get it right. Now that I am a graduate and living life as it comes, I am bound to say that I got it right. The lived experiences and the acquired skills will enrich my life forever.”

More than

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international students

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universities in the U.S.


1 M
scholarships a year between $10K - $60K each


Artists in the U.S.

Discover the broad range of options you have in the U.S., and take up the challenge.

Where to get an artistic scholarship in the U.S.?

Winners have the tendency to manufacture their own positive expectations prior to the event.

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