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Why apply for a summer program in the U.S.?

Learn a new language, travel and discover new cultures while living an incredible experience in the U.S. There is a world full of opportunities out there!

This program aims at offering you the greatest summer of your life! 305 Agency is specialized in sport camps where high-performance trainings can be performed. And at the same time you can improve your English level with specific classes. This program features lots of activities for you and your fellow students and instructors of the camp, with whom you’ll live in a dorm.


How to apply for a summer program in the U.S.?

The question is not “can you?”. The question is “do you want to?”.

The camps are designed to improve your sport performance and your English level at the same time. Trainings will exclusively be held in English and will prepare you for the tryouts that are carried out during the camp with several American universities, which you will also have the opportunity to visit in order to experience a U.S. university at first-hand. Do your best! Because after the camp you may receive a sport scholarship offer from one of the universities to compete in their team.

I want to attend a summer program in the U.S.

This program lasts about 1-8 weeks, in which you will immerse yourself in the American culture on both a sports and day-to-day level. It’s a high-performance training program adjusted to different levels with exceptional trainers and outstanding facilities. English classes and trainings are combined together with extracurricular activities for you and your fellow students to enjoy the experience to its full potential. Live the greatest summer of your life and be the best version of yourself!


What requirements do I need to attend a summer program in the U.S.?



Be between 14-17 years old

The perfect age to start exploring the world and discovering future opportunities.


Positive energy

You need to be super excited and feel like you can conquer the world!

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