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Why study at a Junior college in the U.S.?

Learn a new language, travel and discover new cultures while obtaining a degree from a prestigious U.S. university. There is a world full of opportunities out there!

Junior colleges or Community colleges offer the alternative to study the first half of a bachelor's degree. Many students see it as a great opportunity to start off their bachelor degrees, or even advanced degrees at an American university. These first two years are intended to provide a solid base of general knowledge to the students, in addition to their associate degrees, for them to subsequently transfer to a 4-year degree at another institution and continue their studies in a specific field.


How to apply for a scholarship to study at a Junior college in the U.S.?

The question is not “can you?”. The question is “do you want to?”.

We highly recommend participating in a transfer program at a Community college to subsequently transfer to another university and complete the last two years of your degree. Students can transfer their obtained credits at a Community college to universities that offer a 4-year degree. In many cases, the Junior colleges and universities have established cooperation agreements between their institutions to make the transfer process easier.

I want to study at a Junior college in the U.S.

Community colleges in the U.S. offer job training programs that guide you in terms of career choices. Students that graduate from a Junior college obtain an associate degree. If you complete a job training program of at least nine months as an international student, you can request an Optional Practical Training (OPT) in your field.

Requirements to get into a Community college in the U.S.

What requirements do I need to study at a Junior college in the U.S.?



Average score of High School Diploma

If you are acquiring your High School Diploma, try to do your best!


SAT or ACT exam scores

Depending on your Junior college of choice and your transcript, your exam scores of these academic tests may be required or not.


TOEFL or IELTS exam scores

Junior colleges offer ESL classes in case you believe your English level is still a handicap.

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Types of studies in the U.S.

Other options to study in the U.S.